Friday, December 5, 2008

icy rose

the rose is so cold
ice cold red rose

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Meaning Of Flowers - D E F

DAFFODIL: Regard, rebirth, new beginnings, unrequited love, you're the only one, chivalry. Associated with the tenth wedding anniversary. Also the birthflower for March.


DAFFODIL, SEVERAL: Joy, happiness.

DAHLIA: Instability. Associated with the fourteenth wedding anniversary.

DAISY: Innocence, loyal love, I'll never tell, purity. Associated with the fifth wedding anniversary.

DANDELION: Faithfulness, happiness, love's oracle.

DAY LILY: Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother. Associated with the twentieth wedding anniversary.

DELPHINIUM: Big-hearted, fun.

EBONY: Blackness.

EREMURUS: Endurance.

EUPHORBIA: Persistence.

FERN: Sincerity, magic, fascination, confidence, shelter.

FIR: Time.

FLAX: Domestic symbol.

FLYTRAP: Deceit.

FORGET-ME-NOT: True love, hope, remembrance, memories.

FORSYTHIA: Anticipation.

FOUR-LEAF CLOVER: Good luck, be mine.

FOXGLOVE: Insincerity.

FREESIA: Innocence, thoughtfulness.

FUSCHIA: Taste. Associated with the third wedding anniversary.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Meaning Of Flowers - C

CACTUS: Endurance.

CALENDULA: Grief, jealousy. Also the birthflower for October.

CALLA LILY: Magnificent beauty. Associated with the sixth wedding anniversary.

CAMELLIA: Gratitude.

CAMELLIA, PINK: Longing for you.

CAMELLIA, RED: You're a flame in my heart.

CAMELLIA, WHITE: You're adorable.

CARNATION: Fascination, distinction, divine love, woman, yes. Also the birthflower for January.

CARNATION, PINK: A woman's love, I'll never forget you, mother's love.

CARNATION, PURPLE: Capriciousness.

CARNATION, RED: Alas for my poor heart, admiration, my heart aches for you, fascination.

CARNATION, STRIPED: Refusal, No, sorry I can't be with you.

CARNATION, WHITE: Innocence, faithfulness, sweet and lovely, pure love, ardent love, good luck. These lovely flowers have lasting qualities, and are often handed out on Mother's Day to symbolize the purity and strength of motherhood. They were handed out at the first Mother's Day service in 1908.

CARNATION, YELLOW: Disdain, rejection, you have disappointed me.

CATTAIL: Peace, prosperity.

CHRYSANTHEMUM: Cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth. Considered to be a noble flower in Asian culture, mums are used as an object of meditation per a suggestion by Confucius. Also the birthflower for November.


CHRYSANTHEMUM, WHITE: Truth, loyal love.


CLEMATIS: Clever, intellectual. Associated with the eighth wedding anniversary.


COSMOS: Modesty. Associated with the 2nd wedding anniversary.

CROCUS: Cheerfulness, abuse not.

CYCLAMEN: Resignation, good-bye.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Meaning Of Flowers - B

BABY'S BREATH: Innocence.

BACHELOR BUTTON: Single blessedness.

BALSAM: Ardent love.

BEGONIA: Beware.


BIRD OF PARADISE: Magnificence.


BLUEBELL: Humility, constancy.

BOUVARDIA: Enthusiasm.

BROOM: Humility.

BUTTERCUP: Childishness.

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